Sylvanian Families White Christmas Set

Seasonal animal dolls

Most Japanese know it for creating some of the first video game consoles back in the 1970s and 1980s and for the Doraemon computer games, but what made Tokyo-based company Epoch a success beyond the borders of Japan was the Sylvanian Families series, one of the cutest franchises to have been created in the country – and that is really saying something. But take a look at the Sylvanian Families White Christmas Set and see if you can resist having these little cats over for Christmas!

The main attraction of the Sylvanian Families White Christmas Set is, of course, the two big dolls, Lyra and Skye Persian, dressed in choir costumes and ready to sing their carols using the books that also come with the set. But the scene wouldn't be complete without the Christmas tree (which comes with many decorations that you can hang yourself) and three more members of the Persian family (Blair, Blake, and Brianna), dressed as cherubs and with star wands and trumpets for an even more festive look!

Specs and Features:

  • Dolls: 5
  • Includes Christmas tree, ornaments, carol books, star wands, trumpets
  • Materials: PVC, PS, TPE, nylon, polyester, ABS, PS
  • For ages 3 years and above
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US$ 66