Sutto Smart Frying Pan Set

Three-piece square cooking set

Square frying pans aren't new; especially in Japanese cuisine where one of the most characteristic kitchen utensils is the square pan used for the rolled omelet. What the Sutto Smart Frying Pan Set brings to the, well, table is a more versatile implementation of the concept where not one but two square pans are combined with a lid to give you more options that a simple square omelet!

Of course, you can do all your regular frying too with the Sutto Smart Frying Pan Set! But because the two pans are quite deep at approximately 6 cm (2.4") and 8 cm (3.1"), they can also be used for anything from grilling a steak to boiling a stew and steaming vegetables. The two pans work with any induction cooktop or gas range. Thanks to their shape, they can also be stored vertically, proving they can be equally versatile both when in use and when not!

Specs and Features:

  • Set of 2 pans, 1 lid
  • Compatible with both IH and gas ranges
  • Handle cannot be washed with water
  • Pans are dishwasher-compatible
  • PFOA-free
  • Big pan dimensions: approx. 33.5 x 20 x 6 cm (13.2 x 7.9 x 2.4")
  • Small pan dimensions: approx. 29 x 16 x 8 cm (11.4 x 6.3 x 3.1")
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US$ 85