Christmas 2018

Sushi Train Restaurant and Game

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A replica of the N700 series Shinkansen, the Sushi Train and Game allows you to play with trains while you play with (and eventually eat) your food! The included controller makes you the meal conductor as well.

Sushi Train Restaurant and Game

While the train set is also a fun game for picking up the fake suchi (included!) as the train moves around the tracks, it's also perfect for real meals as well. Set up your own kaiten sushi shop right at your dinner table.

Sushi Train Restaurant and Game

The Sushi Train and Game Features:

  • N700 Series model shinkansen train
  • Straight rail pieces x 8(19cm each)
  • Curved rail pieces x 8(24cm each)
  • Stopper pice x 2
  • Controller
  • Plates: Deep x 2, Shallow x 2
  • Toy sushi (2 each): Fatty tuna, tuna, shad, salmon, squid, egg
  • Chopsticks x 2 (for game only)
  • Power: Train (AA x 2), Controller (AAA x 2)
  • Manual (Japanese)

Sold Out
Sold Out