Standing Lion Dance Performer Ornament

Traditional Japanese New Year decoration

It has become one of the standards of the Japanese New Year celebrations but the truth is that just a glance at the stylized shishi lion dance mask and costume, you can tell it came originally from China. The bright red of the mask, the gold in the eyes and the teeth, and the small black ears aren't exactly a combination that screams "Japan," but who cares? The lion dance has been a New Year's tradition in Japan for centuries now. And with the Standing Lion Dance Performer Ornament, you can welcome this unique part of East Asia into your home!

The Standing Lion Dance Performer Ornament is a figure of a lion dance performer: you can't see the actual body but their feet stick out at the bottom, wearing split-toe zori sandals and tabi socks. It's 54 x 22 cm (21.3 x 8.7") and you can order it wearing in either a red or a gold colored cape, making it look even more festive. If you want to give your holiday decorations a distinctively Japanese (or Chinese) touch, this shishi ornament is the best way to do it!

Specs and Features:

  • Ornament version of costume worn by lion dance performer
  • Colors: red, gold
  • Dimensions: 54 x 22 cm (21.3 x 8.7")
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