Space Channel 5 Ulala Cosplay Costume

Sega music video game uniform

Released first back in 1999 and a cult phenomenon since, Space Channel 5 was Sega's brilliant dance music video game and foreshadowed many Nintendo Wii games today. Now you can recreate the style and look of Ulala, one of the most striking and representative characters from the series.

Space Channel 5 Ulala Cosplay Costume

A reporter for the eponymous Space Channel 5, Ulala is a groovy, sexy chick and now you can become her in a full cosplay extravaganza. The set includes her iconic jacket and skirt, along with blue headset. Perfect for parties, Halloween or just dressing up, Ulala has a unique look - but can you remember her dance moves too?!

Space Channel 5 Ulala Cosplay Costume

The Space Channel 5 Ulala Cosplay Costume features:

  • Officially endorsed Space Channel 5 cosplay set
  • Bust: 79-87cm (31-34")
  • Waist: 62-66cm (24.4-26")
  • Hips: 82-88cm (32.3-35")
  • Jacket length: 30cm (11.8")
  • Skirt length: 28cm (11")
  • Material: polyaluminum vinyl and rayon 100, polyurethane, nylon etc.
  • Includes: jacket, skirt, headset, globe, rocket, Ulala microphone
  • Please note that boots are not included

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US$ 295