Soladey Total Care Tooth Gel

Seven natural ingredients combination dental care

Price: US$ 25

From Soladey, one of Japan’s top makers of dental hygiene solutions, comes the Soladey Total Care Tooth Gel, a revolutionary formula promising to do wonders against all the usual enemies of your teeth. Designed to fight tooth decay, periodontal disease, bad breath and even tooth discoloration, this amazing gel will become your best ally in dental care. And being effective even at very small doses, it guarantees that each use will last a long time.

Soladey Total Care Tooth Gel

Harnessing the power of 100% natural ingredients (soapberry and quillaja extract as cleaning agents, allantoin for flavor, xylitol for sweetening, white licorice as active ingredients, mint oil as tonic and lemongrass for fragrance), Soladey Total Care Tooth Gel is an excellent choice for the sensitive gums and teeth of small children and seniors alike. Furthermore, its quiet power and subtle aroma makes it ideal for use before you go out or even before you go to bed. Start and finish your day with a good brushing and then with a dose of Soladey's innovative gel: it will make all the difference!

Soladey Total Care Tooth Gel

The Soladey Total Care Tooth Gel features:

  • New all-natural formula containing soapberry and quillaja extract, allantoin, xylitol, white licorice, mint oil and lemongrass
  • Active ingredients: sodium fluoride, dipotassium glycyrrhizate (white licorice)
  • No synthetic flavoring, coloring, sweetening, foaming, polishing agents or surfactants
  • Gentle on the teeth and gums of people of all ages (young children and seniors included)
  • Formula works even in very small doses (one push: 0.2g/0.007 oz)
  • Weight: 70g (2.4 oz)
  • Made in Japan