Shinnosuke Okome no Kosme Rice Facial Cleanser

Rice-based facial skincare

You can eat it, you can drink it, and, yes, you can even make cosmetics out of it: the Japanese have been using rice for over 2,000 years and have invented all kinds of things to do with it during that time. And the Shinnosuke Okome no Kosme Facial Cleanser is the proof: unlike most facial skincare products produced in the West, this innovative product uses rice extract to to purify your skin, give it back its moisture, and soothe the damage caused by pollutants.

While rice is the main component of the Shinnosuke Okome no Kosme Rice Facial Cleanser, it also contains extracts from threeleaf soapberry fruit and pericarp (the fruit's coat), soap bark tree bark, and mullein peel. The fatty acids in these soap-based extracts blend faster with water than cream-based cleansers, foam faster, and cleanse the skin more gently and without leaving it feeling stingy. It comes in a 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) pump bottle and it is completely free of parabens, silicone oil, alcohol, animal-derived raw materials, and synthetic fragrances and colorants!

Specs and Features:

  • Made with Niigata Prefecture Shinnosuke rice
  • 100 ml (3.4 fl oz)
  • Bottle type: pump
  • Skin type: regular
  • Contains: water, lauric acid, myristic acid, glycerin, rice extract, threeleaf soapberry fruit and pericarp extract, snow fungus polysaccharide, 2K glycyrrhizate, soap bark tree bark extract, mullein peel extract, etc.
  • No parabens, silicone oil, animal-derived raw materials, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, synthetic colorants
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