Sharks and Deep-Sea Creatures Ice Tray

Marine creature ice molds

Ice is necessary but can be boring: sure, there are some molds that offer more imaginative shapes than the regular cube, but why stop at that? Why not try something like a shark or a ray? Or maybe an octopus? Or any of the ten creatures you can find in the Shark and Deep-Sea Creature Ice Trays!

The Shark and Deep-Sea Creature Ice Tray is actually two 10 x 13.5 x 2.8 cm (3.9 x 5.3 x 1.1") silicone molds, each offering five different marine creature shapes. You get an anglerfish, flapjack octopus, nautilus mollusk, coelacanth, two rays (a reef manta ray and a shark ray), and three sharks (a megamouth, whale shark, and great white shark). And since the great white shark has such an impressive set of teeth, the 10th piece in the trays is its jaw bone. The molds can take up to 230°C (446°F), so are suitable not only for ice but chocolates and more.

Specs and Features:

  • 2 trays
  • Designs: anglerfish, flapjack octopus, nautilus, megamouth shark, coelacanth, reef manta ray, whale shark, shark ray, great white shark, great white shark jaw bone
  • Temperature resistance: -20-230°C (-4-446°F)
  • Compatible with microwave and dishwasher
  • Dimensions/tray: 10 x 13.5 x 2.8 cm (3.9 x 5.3 x 1.1")
  • Material: silicone
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US$ 29