Selifusen Manga Sticky Notes

Manga Bubble sticky note set

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Why should even the most basic office stationery be dull? The Selifusen, from design unit gung, is a new writing tool inspired by Japanese manga comic books. When you want to leave a note for yourself or someone, put some real expression into it with these sticky notes in the shape of speech bubbles or sound effects.

Selifusen Manga Sticky Notes

Available in two types ("Ah!" or "E!") depending on your mood or what you want to say, this highly original product could only have been designed in Japan. The set contains three sticky notes blocks, each with 40 notes on them.

Selifusen Manga Sticky Notes

The Selifusen features:

  • Manga comic bubble inspired sticky notes
  • Set contains THREE blank sticky note blocks, each with 40 pieces of paper
  • Types: speech bubble (TWO) and sound effect (ONE)
  • Size: c.80 x 4 x 110mm (3.1 x 0.2 x 4.3")
  • Made in Japan

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