Sasaki Kogei Rings Pot Coaster

Designer wood pot stand

Making everyday items look different without losing any of their functionality, but even increasing it, is the mark of a talented designer and Japan has more than its fair share of them. Take a look at traditional handmade objects and you'll see that it has always been that way. The Sasaki Kogei Rings Pot Coaster comes from this age-old tradition, created by one of contemporary Japan's most talented designers, Tadahito Ishibashi, winner of numerous prestigious awards.

The Sasaki Kogei Rings Pot Coaster changes the way you think about coasters for pots, ramekins, teapots, and more. It's made up of three rings with diameters of 110 mm (4.3"), 158 mm (6.2"), and 205 mm (8") that fit into each other. When you hang them on the wall using the strap attached to the smaller one, they stay together thanks to their own weight, creating a beautiful pattern. All three coasters are 12 mm (0.5") thick so you can use them even with heavy pots. Made of natural Hokkaido ash wood, they come in two colors, natural and dark gray.

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: natural wood, dark gray
  • 3 coasters
  • Hanging strap
  • Designed by award-winning designer Tadahito Ishibashi
  • Finish: oil
  • Dimensions (small coaster): 110 x 12 mm (4.3 x 0.5")
  • Dimensions (medium coaster): 158 x 12 mm (6.2 x 0.5:)
  • Dimensions (large coaster): 205 x 12 (8 x 0.5:)
  • Material: natural wood (Hokkaido ash)
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