Samurai Japan Sweatshirt

Japan national baseball team apparel

Samurai, the warriors that played a leading role in Japan's history from 1180 until 1868, are always a source of pride for the Japanese. So when they wanted to find a name for their men's national baseball team, it was an obvious choice: like a samurai, a baseball player fights for his team with all he has and if this team is the national one, even more so. The Samurai Japan Sweatshirt is part of the national baseball team's official merchandise lineup and expresses the samurai spirit in a stylish and spectacular way!

First of all, the color: the Samurai Japan Sweatshirt is dark blue, the color of the cords in samurai armor (and today the color of kendo, Japanese fencing). And then the illustrations: on the front, it features the logo of the team in blue baseball script; on the back, the same name in white under a combination of the team's cap with the red J and the red stripes on the visor and a splendid samurai helmet, ornaments and all. Made of 100% cotton and available in four sizes, this is a great way to show your support for Samurai Japan!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Samurai Japan national Japanese baseball team merchandise
  • Color: dark blue
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Front: team logo
  • Back: samurai kabuto (helmet) combined with baseball cap illustration
  • Dimensions (length x width) S: 64 x 50 cm (25.2 x 19.7")
  • Dimensions (length x width) M: 67 x 53 cm (26.4 x 20.9")
  • Dimensions (length x width) L: 70 x 56 cm (27.6 x 22")
  • Dimensions (length x width) XL: 73 x 59 cm (28.7 x 23.2")
  • Material: cotton 100%
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