Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Set

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It was created for teenage girls and even today, over 30 years since 1991 when it was introduced, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon remains a favorite of young women all over Japan and a trailblazer for the whole magical girl genre. So when it comes to merchandise, it's hardly surprising that the franchise's creators would include items that also appeal to the same crowd. And cosmetics and makeup accessories certainly fall into that category! The result is the Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Set, sure to become an instant classic with the anime's many fans!

The Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Set contains three makeup brushes: a large eye shadow brush, a small eye shadow brush, and a large detail brush. Their bristles are made of 100% polyester, so are very soft and smooth, and each brush is approximately 135 mm (5.3"). But, of course, the really good part is each brush's handle, which is shaped like one of the most powerful items in the Sailor Moon franchise: the Moon Stick, Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and Cutie Moon Rod!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon merchandise
  • Contains 3 brushes: large eye shadow brush, small eye shadow brush, large detail brush
  • Brush types: Moon Stick, Spiral Heart Moon Rod, Cutie Moon Rod
  • Brush length: approx. 135 mm (5.3")
  • Materials: metal alloy, resin, polyester (bristles), glass
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US$ 64