Saborino Mezama Sheet Rice Face Pack

Germinated brown rice skincare mask

When people hear the words "rice" and "Japan" together, they inevitably think of foods like sushi and drinks like sake, but the truth is the Japanese have been using rice for centuries in many, much more imaginative ways than just food and drink. Take the Saborino Mezama Sheet Rice Face Pack, for example: using Hokkaido germinated brown rice that, thanks to its enzymes, is more nutritional than regular rice, these masks offer amazing facial skincare especially in the morning, when your skin's pores are wide open!

When our skin lacks moisture, our pores secrete sebum to protect it. This is what happens during the night and is the reason our skin often looks shiny in the morning. The 28 masks in the Saborino Mezama Sheet Rice Face Pack offer the skin the moisture it needs, especially when the pores are open, and sources this moisture (together with various skin nutrients) from the rice it contains. Just one minute is enough to restore your skin and get it ready to face the new day!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 28 mask sheets
  • For morning use
  • Scent: rice
  • Colorless, alcohol-free, menthol-free
  • Made in Japan
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US$ 28