Saborino Mezama Sheet Face Pack (Sakura)

Cherry blossom-scented skincare mask

They are mostly known for their beautiful flowers but Japan's famous sakura, the cherry blossoms that mark the beginning of spring, also have a very distinct fragrance and some very beneficial effects on your skin if used properly. Which is exactly what the masks in the Saborino Mezama Sheet Face Pack offer: combining the moisturizing action of two types of cherry trees and one type of actual cherry with the skin-tightening action of wild thyme and mint leaf extracts, they provide a full skincare solution with every sheet.

And you get 28 of them! The Saborino Mezama Sheet Face Pack contains a full set of masks that last a whole month: a whole month of deep facial cleansing, skincare, and moisturizing with a subtle cool menthol feel and the cherry blossom aroma that makes you believe you are in a Japanese garden in spring! Do you want even more good news? You only need to keep the mask on for one minute – that's all it takes to give your skin what it needs.

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 28 mask sheets
  • Contains: water, glycerin, dog-rose fruit extract, bramble extract, quince seed extract, cherry flower extract, mint leaf extract, Western cherry extract, Yoshino cherry leaf extract, honey, hyaluron sodium acid, wild thyme extract, mint leaf, extract, sake lees extract, water-soluble collagen, fragrance, etc.
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US$ 22