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Ryoguzen Offering to the Dead Meal Set

Japanese Buddhist altar food

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This is the convenient way to make an offering to your family members who have passed away wherever you are in the world. Ryoguzen is part of the Japanese custom of Buddhist altars in the home. On the tray you prepare a special meal for the dead and then present it to them at the household altar at certain times of the year. This Ryoguzen Meal Set makes it easier to prepare the full course Buddhist vegetarian meal. In the set there are five typical offering dishes that you can get ready quickly.

Ryoguzen Offering to the Dead Meal Set

This is ideal if you don't have the usual ingredients to hand or lack the expertise to prepare a full traditional offering meal. The dishes can be cooked just with hot water and a pamphlet with English information is included.

The Ryoguzen Meal Set features:

  • Buddist offering meal x 1 (five dishes)
  • Includes rice tea gruel, miso soup, pickles, marinated dish, nimono dish, etc.
  • Dishes are freeze-dried and retort
  • Includes English pamphlet with basic instructions
  • Ryoguzen tray not included
  • May vary from image
  • Ingredients are produced in Japan

Sold Out
Sold Out