Rosette Yumemiru Adult Acne Moisture Balm

Anti-acne cleansing and moisturizing balm

As many people find out the hard way, acne isn't something that ends with puberty: there are people who get acne even into their fifties, though treatments that worked in our teens might not work later. One of the substances that has been found to improve antiviral action, reduce inflammation, and suppress allergies is stearyl glycyrrhetinate, which forms the foundation of the Rosette Yumemiru Adult Acne Moisture Balm, here to help solve your acne problem!

But it isn't just about acne: the Rosette Yumemiru Adult Acne Moisture Balm also contains a mix of components including kaolin, coix seed extract, ginseng extract, and three ceramids (NG, NP, and AP) that go deep into the pores of your skin and clean out all the impurities and residue from makeup products, while at the same time protecting the skin and keeping it well moisturized. And because it's made for people with sensitive skin, it doesn't contain anything that might irritate like ethanol, silicone, or synthetic coloring.

Specs and Features:

  • For sensitive skin
  • Fragrance: floral herb
  • Active ingredient: stearyl glycyrrhetinate
  • Contains: microcrystalline wax, kaolin, oil-soluble coix seed extract, sunflower oil-1, rice bran oil, coix seed extract, chameleon plant extract, capillary artemisia extract, ginseng extract, ceramide NG, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, etc.
  • Weight: 90 g (3.2 oz)
  • Comes with spoon-shaped spatula that can be stored inside the lid
  • No parabens, ethanol, sulfate, silicone, synthetic polymers, synthetic coloring, or talc
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