Reisui Water Cooling Suit

Water-circulating body temperature control garment

New buildings pop up in Tokyo at a phenomenal speed. That this happens is a testament to the Japanese work ethic and also the tools and methods that allow construction workers to work around the clock, even in the heat of summer. One of these tools can now be yours: the Reisui Water Cooling Suit, a solution to personal air conditioning that doesn't rely on fans or coolers but water (two liters or 67.6 fluid ounces of it), which can be as cold as you want: even ice water is fine.

The Reisui Water Cooling Suit is essentially a harness with a vest piece, waist piece, and two thigh pieces. They are all connected with straps and tubes so the water from its electric pump circulates throughout. The harness is adjustable, meaning it fits chests between 65 and 130 cm (25.6-51.2"), waists between 65 and 150 cm (25.6-59"), and thighs between 40 and 65 cm (15.7-25.6"). The Reisui Water Cooling Suit is powered by a 10,000 mAh mobile battery and has three modes that can keep you cool for up to three hours nonstop!

Specs and Features:

  • Modes: high, low, eco
  • Eco mode: 10 seconds on, 40 seconds off cycles
  • Dimensions (vest): 400 x 260 x 40 mm (15.7 x 10.2 x 1.6")
  • Corresponding sizes (chest-waist-thighs): 65-130 cm (25.6-51.2"), 65-150 cm (25.6-59"), 40-65 cm (15.7-25.6")
  • Continuous cooling operation (best mode): high 90 minutes, low 120 minutes, eco 180 minutes
  • Continuous cooling operation (setup mode): high 80 minutes, low 110 minutes, eco 160 minutes
  • Pump operation: 36 hours (5,000 mAh battery), 72 hours (10,000 mAh battery), 144 hours (20,000 mAh battery)
  • Compatible mobile battery: USB 5 V / 2 A or over
  • Compatible battery dimensions: max. 75 x 155 x 20 mm (3 x 6.1 x 0.8")
  • Cable length: 130 cm (4.3 ft)
  • Tank capacity: 2 l (67.6 fl oz)
  • Materials: nylon, polyester, silicone, stainless steel, POM, TPU, PVC
  • Comes with tank and 10,000 mAh mobile battery
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 241