Private Ocean interactive clock light speaker

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The Private Ocean from Sega Toys lets you have the beauty of a full aquarium right on your desk! It can be used as a clock/calendar, healing motion screen, mood lighting, and also as speaker for your music player. In addition, it has an English mode for easy operation.

Private Ocean interactive clock light speaker

The integration of a clock/calendar makes the Private Ocean useful as well. You can program date reminders into the device, such as New Years, Christmas, etc. On your birthday the fish will pop up to congratulate you!

Sega Private Ocean modes:

• Healing Motion: Swimming ocean creatures that can be interacted with and viewed.
• Lighting: Multi-color backlighting for relaxing moods.
• Music: Connecting to an audio player for music through the speaker as the ocean creatures dance along.
• Time: Clock/Calendar function integrating the sea creatures.
• Auto cruise: Cruises undersea for viewing of creatures
• Auto sleep: 60, 30, 15 minutes
• Audio: Fish movements and background colors adjust to the music from your audio player!

Private Ocean interactive clock light speaker

Sega Private Ocean features:

• Over 100 different ocean creatures
• 22 Sounds
• Color-changing back-lit display
• Touch sensors
• Date/Time display
• Alarm
• Built-in speaker
• Audio player connection
• Volume adjustment (5 stages)
English mode
• AC-Adapter 100V
• Manual (Japanese)

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