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Pocky Tokyo Amazake

Regional Japanese snack with sweet sake flavor

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Japan constantly surprises us when it comes to the creativity of its snack flavors - and the Pocky Tokyo Amazake is no exception! The amazake sweet sake used for this Glico Pocky flavor comes from Tokyo's only sake brewery, which has a history dating right the way back to 1812. Amazake is a traditional drink made from rice and far lower in alcohol content than normal sake. Its natural ingredients make it a healthy and nutritious drink, and some people will even claim that it makes you beautiful. While we can't guarantee that these Pocky will achieve the same results, the pretzel-style sticks certainly taste fantastic.

Pocky Tokyo Amazake
Pocky Tokyo Amazake
Pocky Tokyo Amazake

The Pocky Tokyo Amazake features:

  • Pocky flavor for Tokyo region
  • Made with amazake from traditional brewery (Tokyo Port Brewery)
  • 15 individually wrapped sticks
  • Tokyo Amazake beverage not included

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