Pocket Metabolism Checker

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When it comes to tracking your health, nothing tells the story better than your body fat. Using a scale doesn't account for water weight, and calorie counting is hard to do accurately, but regularly tracking your body fat gives you a clear picture of which way your body is headed. Using industry-standard Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis, our Pocket Metabolism Checker gives you an instant, personal readout of your current body fat percentage, and also functions as a travel alarm clock.

Pocket Metabolism Checker

The Pocket Metabolism Checker features:

  • Using a faint electrical current and your weight, age, height, and gender, reports your current body fat percentage
  • Register up to eight users on the same device
  • Travel clock with customizable daily alarm
  • Attachment point for cellphone strap
  • Size: 31x82x18mm
  • Weight: 33g
  • Power: CR2025 watch battery, included
  • Colors: Blue, White, Black, Orange, Purple
  • Manual: Japanese

Pocket Metabolism Checker
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