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Platinum Germa Roller Pro Massage Roller

Beauty face roller for fighting wrinkles

Another bestselling but fantastically simple Japanese beauty product, Ya-Man's Platinum Germa Roller Pro has currently shifted some 2 million units and counting! It's easy to see why: never has helping tighten and strengthen your skin -- and therefore, fighting wrinkles and the signs of sagging and ageing -- been simpler! All you need to do is use one of the two face massager rollers on your cheeks, chin or around your eyes. Just roll up and down gently, and the shape and material of the Platinum Germa will do the rest.

Platinum Germa Roller Pro Massage Roller

There are two different rollers, one hexagonal and one round, for different treatment effects, and fitted with 11 semi-conductor 99.99% germa chips. The tips of the rollers are ideal for attending to more delicate areas, such as around the eyes. Waterproof and light, just use for 3 minutes a time and you will start to notice the difference in your skin quality!

Platinum Germa Roller Pro Massage Roller

The Plantinum Germa Roller Pro features:

  • Water-resistant. Do not soak in water.
  • Weight: 83g (0.2 lb)
  • Size: 19 x 17 x 165mm (0.7 x 0.7 x 6.5")
  • Materials: aluminum, platinum coating and more
  • Includes plastic stand and pouch

Shipping weight: 0.4Kg / 0.88lbs
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