Plarail E6 Series Shinkansen Komachi

Self-charging bullet train toy

Who hasn't heard of the Shinkansen, Japan's famous bullet trains that were first unveiled before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to show the world the country was back on its feet after the devastation of WWII? They have become part of Japan's landscape, history, and culture, and are still evolving both in performance and appearance. If you want to start your kids early in their Shinkansen appreciation, the Plarail E6 Series Shinkansen Komachi is the right way to do it, since it is based on one of the most spectacular Shinkansen still in operation.

The Plarail E6 Series Shinkansen Komachi is part of Japan's most famous toy train series, Plarail (from "plastic" and "railroad"), created by Takara-Tomy since 1959. So you know that the visual details (colors, shape, and everything) have all been taken care of meticulously and it really does look like the E6 Series Shinkansen Komachi that runs from Tokyo to the northern parts of Honshu. But the best thing is that the train doesn't need batteries: you just move it back and forth a few times and it's charged and ready to go!

Specs and Features:

  • No charging/batteries required
  • No rails included, but compatible with other Plarail sets
  • Based on the bullet trains serving the Tohoku and Akita Shinkansen lines
  • Dimensions: ‎4 x 41 x 14 cm (1.5 x 16.1 x 5.5")
  • Weight: 252 g (8.8 oz)
  • For ages: 3 and over
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 57