Plarail Best Selection Set

Multiple layout toy train

A society that loves train as much as Japan needs to have its own specialized train toy series and Takara Tomy's Plarail is this series, providing Japanese children with the materials to make their train-based dreams come true since 1959! In the 60-plus years that have passed since, Takara Tomy has designed countless sets of rails and trains but even hardcore fans will agree that thePlarail Best Selection Set is one of the best it has produced so far, and certainly one of the most versatile!

Like all Plarail sets, the Plarail Best Selection Set can be combined with the ones you already have to expand them. And even if you don't have other sets, it's a great starter set because it contains 26 pieces including rails in all kinds of shapes (straight, curved, double curved, U-turn, triangular, sloped, etc.) as well as bridges, arches, tunnels, platforms, and even a stationmaster figure. And if you don't even have a train, it contains a three-car train called the Dog Express that only needs an AA battery to start rolling!

Specs and Features:

  • Limited-edition set
  • Includes: 1 Dog Express 3-car train, 1 straight rail, 1 half-straight rail, 1 half-stop rail (gray), 2 new slope rails, 6 curved rails, 1 double curve rail, 2 turnout rails (L and R), 1 triangular point rail, 1 U-turn rail, 2 platforms, 2 small iron bridge frames, 2 single wire overhead arches, 1 two-part tunnel, 1 railway crossing, 2 warning lights, dog stationmaster figure, decorative trees, stickers, instruction manual (Japanese)
  • Power: 1 AA alkaline battery (not included)
  • For ages 3 and over
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US$ 83