Pikachu Suitcase Cover

Pokemon character design travel accessory

People travel more today than at any other time in history, so having a suitcase that stands out can save you a lot of time in the airport, especially if you are on a tight schedule and want to grab your suitcase the moment it hits the carousel. The Pikachu Suitcase Cover is a great way to immediately spot your luggage when it comes out of the chute and at the same time, something to cheer you up after a long journey of sitting in a small seat eating airline food: who doesn’t love to see a smiling Pikachu like the one on the front of this cover?

Available in two sizes – small (340 x 480 x 230 mm / 13.4 x 18.9 x 9") and medium (440 x 650 x 280 mm / 17.2 x 25.6 x 11") – the Pikachu Suitcase Cover stretches over your suitcase, offering an extra layer of safety against opening and an amazing look that will turn every head at the luggage claim. Its dimensions make it ideal for suitcases with a capacity of anywhere between 20 and 40 liters. The cover is made of sturdy polyester and polyurethane, and it secures with a wide hook-and-loop fastener band at the bottom.

Specs and Features:

  • Official Nintendo/Pokemon merchandise
  • Sizes: S, M
  • For suitcases with capacity of 20-40 liters
  • Hook-and-loop fastener at bottom
  • Dimensions (S, when in use): 340 x 480 x 230 mm (13.4 x 18.9 x 9")
  • Dimensions (M, when in use): 440 x 650 x 280 mm (17.2 x 25.6 x 11")
  • Materials: polyester, polyurethane
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US$ 48
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