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Pechika Foot Warmer Cushion

Eco-friendly feet heat retention slippers

Lightweight. Environmentally friendly. Cute. The Pechika Foot Warmer Cushion is the way Japanese women like to stay warm during the colder months of the year. Rather than wasting more energy and money on a space heater or electric blanket, slide your chilly feet into the snug cushion. It uses no batteries or power supply, just the innovative beads materials that work effectively to keep your warm.

Pechika Foot Warmer Cushion

The Pechika Foot Warmer Cushion functions like a pair of footwear for indoors and also as a smart way to retain heat in your lower body. The beads in the cushion are more successful at keeping you warm than leggings and you will notice the effects in minutes. There are three colors (black, brown or red) and the whole design looks like a kind of cute paw.

Pechika Foot Warmer Cushion

The Pechika Feet Warmer Cushion features:

  • Colors: black, brown, red
  • Washable
  • Inner beads cushion can also be removed and washed
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

Pechika Foot Warmer Cushion
Shipping weight: 0.8Kg / 1.76lbs
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