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Oyako Microwave Taiyaki Maker from Takara Tomy

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Taiyaki are grilled, fish-shaped Japanese treats, made of waffle-like batter and holding all sorts of delicious fillings. You usually need a stovetop and grill pan to cook them, but with Takara Tomy's new Oyako Microwave Taiyaki Maker, you can make them in 100 seconds flat, no stove required! From mixing the ingredients to molding the sandwiches, this set has you covered. Make savory taiyaki for lunch, or anko (sweet bean) taiyaki for a snack or dessert.

Oyako Microwave Taiyaki Maker from Takara Tomy


  1. Combine 100ml milk, 1 egg, 35g sugar, and 150g pancake mix in the shaker. Close lid and shake for 60 seconds
  2. Coat the tray with a tiny bit of salad oil to make removing the taiyaki easier.
  3. Pour mixture into the large taiyaki tray. For large size taiyaki, use the smaller taiyaki tray to cover the batter. For the small size taiyaki tray, use the included covers.
  4. Heat in microwave (100 seconds at 500 watts for the large taiyaki, 40 seconds for small ones).
  5. Remove from microwave and add filling to indentation.
  6. Snap together and enjoy!

The Oyako Microwave Taiyaki Maker features:

  • Makes taiyaki in 100 seconds in a standard microwave
  • Use sweet or savory fillings
  • Make regular and mini taiyaki in the same batch
  • Manual and recipes: Japanese
Oyako Microwave Taiyaki Maker from Takara Tomy
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