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Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply

Personal oxygen-booster

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Oxygen is the fuel that keeps the human body running. Our atmosphere is about 20% oxygen, however, due to pollution, poor ventilation, or simply stress, many people are unable to access a healthy level of oxygen. Enter the Oxyfit, the world's first compact personal oxygen supply.

Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply
Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply

Lightweight and discreet, it can be worn during nearly any activity, and boosts available oxygen from 20% or lower up to 30%. Not only can this help with fatigue and other symptoms of low oxygen, but it can actually boost brainpower and metabolism as well. More oxygen lets you run farther, work longer, and even lose weight! An increased supply of oxygen speeds up your body's metabolic engine, burning more calories and stimulating fat loss. Finally, the improved circulation from increased oxygen levels can produce nootropic (brain-stimulating) and anti-aging effects (through increased moisturization of the skin). Athletes have been using oxygen therapy for years, but the Oxyfit is the first simple, intuitive personal oxygen system on the market.

Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply

The Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply features:

  • Advanced electronic oxygen generation pack
  • Mobile, discreet unit
  • Power: Lithium-ion battery provides 1.5 hours of runtime
  • Charger input: AC 100V
  • Size: 222 x 168 x 68mm (8.8 x 6.6 x 2.7")
  • Weight: 1500g
  • Package contents: Oxyfit unit, remote, oxygen tube, aspirator, battery pack, charger, tote bag
  • Backpack is an added option
  • Instructions: Japanese
Shipping weight: 2Kg / 4.4lbs
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