Otona no Kagaku Silk Printing Kit

DIY art project set

Silk printing or screen printing only came to Japan in the 20th century but it soon took hold because the idea of using stencils to dye fabrics (which is what silk printing essentially is) was already very well known and used. As the materials for this type of printing became more sophisticated in the West, Japan has kept up and today you can find many artisans using the technique, even for traditional dyeing. And with the Otona no Kagaku Silk Printing Kit, you can take your first steps to becoming one of those artisans!

Created by a popular science magazine, the Otona no Kagaku Silk Printing Kit is a full beginner's set with a silk screen frame that allows you to make prints up to 110 x 180 mm (4.3 x 7.1"), three silk screens that fit to that frame, a squeegee, a bottle of liquid mask, two bottles of different inks used in silk printing, and even a fine brush to make your designs. Even if you haven't tried silk printing before, the illustrated guide allows you to create amazing designs that will give new life to your clothes and accessories!

Specs and Features:

  • Silk screen frame: for 110 x 180 mm (4.3 x 7.1") prints
  • Silk screens: 3
  • Comes with 10 ml (0.3 fl oz) bottle of hot-melt ink, 10 ml (0.3 fl oz) bottle of liquid mask, 1 fine brush, 1 squeegee, 20 ml (0.7 fl oz) bottle of pigment ink
  • Comes with 60-page issue of Otona no Kagaku science magazine
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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