Otamatone Wahha Gogo

Maywa Denki sound toy

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Anyone - and we know there are thousands of you - who loved the Otamatone will definitely want to get their hands on the Otamatone Wahha GoGo, the latest creation from wacky Japanese designers Maywa Denki.

Otamatone Wahha Gogo

Based on a "laughing" machine that they developed in 2009, this is an original musicial instrument just like the regular Otamatone - but with bizarre teeth and mouth rather than the tadpole-like face. You can even take off the "charming" mouth and attach it to your other Otamatones! Whatever will Maywa Denki do next!

Otamatone Wahha Gogo

To play your Otamatone, slide your fingers up and down the tail to make the mouth open and "sing".

The Otamatone Wahha Gogo features:

  • Otamatone sound toy with Wahha Gogo laughing machine mouth
  • Gold or silver versions
  • Power: AAA x3 (tester included)
  • Size: 27cm (10.6")

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