Omni Pillow Neck Cushion

All-direction support napping mask

The Omni Pillow Neck Cushion is simple to wear but offers total all-surround support whichever way you slouch or lean during your afternoon naps. Whether you are on public transport or at your desk, never get a cramp or crick in your neck again from dozing off. Slip the Omni Pillow over your neck to benefit from the comfortable foamed polystyrene beans cushion (with a cotton cover), which forms a protective circle around you so your head and neck are propped up from every direction. It also works as a eye mask if worn over the top part of your head, as well as a seat cushion or a regular pillow if laid flat on a surface.

Omni Pillow Neck Cushion

The Omni Pillow Neck Cushion features:

  • All-direction support for taking naps in a chair
  • Also functions as eye mask, regular cushion, pillow, etc
  • Size: 250 x 300mm (9.8 x 11.8")
  • Cover materials: 100% cotton
  • Cushion: foamed polystyrene beans

Omni Pillow Neck Cushion
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US$ 47