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Nyanberu Cat Paw Dumbbell

Japanese sword crafts training weight

Created by Kyoto metal crafts studio Mineyama Iron Work, the Nyaberu Cat Paw Dumbbell is for people who want to stay fit but also like collecting unusually designed weights. Made using the tanzou technique, the same as used for making Japanese swords, these training weights look both cute and sophisticated, a combination that perhaps only Kyoto-ites could come up with.

Nyanberu Cat Paw Dumbbell

The Japanese have long had an obsession with cats and this lifestyle accessory continues that culture. There are two weights and two different designs, a metal-plated one or a rubber-coated black and pink version.

Nyanberu Cat Paw Dumbbell

The Nyanberu Cat Paw Dumbbell features:

  • Includes one dumbbell, not a pair
  • Versions: Metal or Rubber-Coated (black and pink)
  • Size: large or small
  • Weight: 0.5kg (1.1 lb) or 1 kg (2.2 lb)
  • Materials: iron, vinyl chloride

Nyanberu Cat Paw Dumbbell
Shipping weight: 0.7Kg / 1.54lbs
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