Nichi Nichi Dogu Hagama Rice Cooker

Traditional rice crock with wooden lid

Sure, you can cook your Japanese rice in an electric cooker – you won't be the only one: as a matter of fact, millions of homemakers and even professional cooks in Japan do exactly this every day for their families and customers. But ask any of them and they will tell you that it is a matter of convenience and that if they wanted to have really good rice, they would opt for a hagama pot-style cooker instead. One like the Nichi Nichi Dogu Hagama Rice Cooker, which takes you back how Japanese have made rice for centuries.

The design of the Nichi Nichi Dogu Hagama Rice Cooker is old and so is the craftsmanship behind it: wood craftspeople from Nagano Prefecture and metal craftspeople from Niigata have joined forces to bring to you this amazing cooker that, thanks to its base, fits perfectly on your gas range. It comes in two models, the two-cup cooker with a capacity of 1.2 l (40.6 fl oz) and the three-cup cooker with a capacity of 1.9 l (64.2 fl oz). By following a couple of easy steps, it cooks you the perfect bowl of rice with just the right amount of moisture!

Specs and Features:

  • For gas ranges
  • Size: small (2 cups), large (3 cup)
  • Dimensions (small): 16 x 5.5 cm (6.3 x 2.2")
  • Dimensions (large): 17.5 x 5.5 cm (6.9 x 2.2")
  • Weight (small): 1.28 kg (2.8 lb)
  • Weight (large): 1.55 kg (3.4 lb)
  • Capacity (small): 1.2 l (40.6 fl oz)
  • Capacity (large): 1.9 l (64.2 fl oz)
  • Materials: wood, aluminum
  • Comes with base for standing on gas range
  • Made by traditional craftspeople in Nagano Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture
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US$ 134
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