Needle Felting Chiikawa Kit

Manga character wool fabric craft set

So you have your felting needle and your cushion and have even tried a few first easy projects, like colored balls. And now you want to move on to something a little more challenging and with a Japanese theme – perhaps something like the cute characters from Chiikawa, the manga and anime series that started on Twitter just a couple of years ago but has already become a huge success. With the Needle Felting Chiikawa Kit, you can do exactly this and not only improve your needle felting skills but also create an amazing Chiikawa collection of figures!

Why collection? Because the Needle Felting Chiikawa Kit comes in three versions, one for each of the three main characters in the series: the cat Hachiware, the rabbit Usagi, and Chiikawa itself, which might or might not be a mouse! Using the acrylic yarn that comes inwith the kit, you can make any of the three figures you want and when you're done, you have a 65 mm (2.6") tall character that you can use as a decoration, accessory, or part of your Chiikawa collection!

Specs and Features:

  • Licensed Chiikawa merchandise
  • Option: Chiikawa, Hachiware, Usagi
  • Height (when finished): approx. 65 mm (2.6")
  • Weight (when finished): approx. 10 g (0.4 oz)
  • Fabric material: acrylic yarn
  • Felting needle and cushion not included
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US$ 13
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