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Nebaaru-kun Natto Snacks Set

Fermented soybean-flavor senbei, sweets

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Nebaaru-kun is the unofficial mascot of natto, the Japanese fermented soybean dish that divides non-Japanese diners: you either love it or hate it. Nebaaru-kun hails from Ibaraki Prefecutre and looks, as you'd expect, like natto. Now you can experience Nebaaru-kun's cute mascot charms with the Nebaaru-kun Natto Snacks Set. There are four types of snacks in this set, including natto-flavored rice crackers and sweets, representing truly the unique side of Japanese snacks!

Nebaaru-kun Natto Snacks Set

The Nebaaru-kun Natto Snacks Set features:

  • Based on Nebaaru-kun natto mascot
  • Four types of natto-flavored snacks: rice crackers,
  • Not suitable for people with wheat, egg, milk, sesame or soybean allergies

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