MTG Style Tapingwear Socks

Foot muscle-supporting apparel

We've all seen the tapes that athletes use to help relieve the discomfort that comes from either chronic pain or injuries. What isn't widely known, though, is that these tapes can also help prevent accidents by taking some of the muscle load and make exercise more effective by pulling the joints toward their natural position. Especially when it comes to the foot, where its three arches and its the ankle joint are, literally, what keeps us erect, these tapes can be a lifesaver, and this is why a pair of MTG Style Tapingwear Socks is something everyone must have!

Available in two sizes that fit the most common shoe sizes (US women's 6-8 / EU 37-39 and US men's 7-9 / EU 40.5-42.5), the MTG Style Tapingwear Socks are made from a special polyester and cotton fiber that have built-in athletic tapes, not unlike those used by sports and health professionals. These tapes are set in an eight-shaped pattern that supports the Achilles's tendon, ankle, and medial longitudinal, lateral longitudinal, and anterior transverse arch that give our feet the capability to take our weight. Put them on, try even a short, three-minute walk, and immediately feel the difference in stability and sureness of step that guarantees less fatigue and less wear on the feet!

Specs and Features:

  • Pair of socks
  • Supports feet muscles
  • Deodorizing fabric
  • Sizes: 23-25 cm (US women's 6-8, EU 37-39), 25-27 cm (US men's 7-9, EU 40.5-42.5)
  • Materials: polyester, cotton
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