Mr Knocky Musical Toy by Maywa Denki

Drum instrument percussion character

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How to begin to describe Maywa Denki? Performers. Toy makers. Designers. Musicians. They bring their inventive and fun touch to everything they do. Following past successes like the Otamatone, here is Mr Knocky, another unusual-looking musical instrument that, if played well, is absolutely awesome.

Mr Knocky Musical Toy by Maywa Denki

Mr Knocky is a drum character with two mini drums (each one sounds different) and "pachi" (click) controllers. No batteries are required but you do need some skill to play Mr Knocky properly. Shake the two controllers and they make Mr Knocky hit the drums. They way you shake the controllers affects the style and sound of the drumming, so you need to have agile and careful control of your hands and wrists to play well.

Mr Knocky Musical Toy by Maywa Denki

You can attach a strap or cord to Mr Knocky's head and wear him around your neck, turning yourself into a mobile drumming sensation. If you are really inventive, get TWO Mr Knocky toys and have drum duets! You can even customize the music by adjusting the angle of Mr Knocky's drumming arms and using special holders to change the regular drums for items like drinks cans. Of course, different shapes and materials create different percussion sounds.

Another way to play Mr Knocky is to put the "mallet" controllers together and push them down like piano keys. Again, if you have two Mr Knocky toys you can put all four controllers together and play them simultaneously. Mr Knocky is available in white or black, and even comes with a "beard" accessory so you can decorate your instrument. Let's knock 'n' roll!

The Mr Knocky features:

  • Colors: white or black
  • Size: 128 x 175 x 100mm (5 x 6.9 x 3.9") (not including controllers)
  • Includes drums (two different volumes), controller x 2, beard x 1, optional holder x 2
  • No batteries required
  • Instructions: Japanese (but experiment to play!)

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