Mojibakeru Kana

Japanese character letter education toy

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Calling all fans of Japanese, animals or anyone who loves fun stuff! These Mojibakeru Kana are typographical, zoological toys with a difference - three-dimension katakana characters that change into the animals whose name they spell out. Mojibakeru is a twist on the word mojibake, which means "garbled" (as in when font goes funny in an email). Designed originally to help young Japanese kids have fun with letters, learning while playing, we think any kid from any country will love these cute creatures, plus they will be popular with toy fans and Japanese language students.

Mojibakeru Kana

There are different versions for different species: Bird, Monkey, Snake, Squirrel or Elephant. You can arrange the animals to spell out their names in Japanese kana. This is a complete set of all five. A very nice toy for kids and a superb learning tool for teachers.

Mojibakeru Kana

The Mojibakeru Kana features:

  • Versions: Bird, Monkey, Snake, Squirrel or Elephant
  • Complete set of all five
  • Instructions: Japanese

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