Miniature Drinks Vending Machine Set

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What would any Japanese landscape be without vending machines? Not just the urban ones: these machines have conquered everything up to and including even Mt. Fuji, dispensing comfort, drinks, food, and pretty much anything else to Japanese and visitors alike. No self-respecting Japanophile should be without access to a vending machine. But because a real one would be too much for most homes, the Miniature Drinks Vending Machine Set of gachapon (capsule toys) gives you the most Japanese solution imaginable!

Miniature Drinks Vending Machine Set

The Miniature Vending Machine Set consists of four machines (two for cola drinks, one for energy drinks, and one for coffee drinks - the Japanese love their coffee-in-a-can beverages) and one box with mini cola can refills for the machines (20 of them)! Fill them up from the slot in the back, push the black button, open the front panel, and get your drink, just like you would at any street corner of Tokyo. And this being the full set, you don't need to spent a fortune at the capsule toy machines to get the whole series!

The Miniature Drinks Vending Machine Set features:

  • Set of 5 items: cola A, cola B, energy drinks, coffee cans, cola can refill box (20 mini cans)
  • Material: ABS
  • Vending machine heights: 50 mm (1.9") (each)
  • All machines serve a single can with the push of a button
  • No capsules

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