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Microwavable Yutapon Heater

Neck, feet, slippers, knee hot water bottle warmers set

Great for the colder months and super practical, this set of four different Yutapon Heaters can be warmed up in the microwave to keep you from getting chilly at home or in the office. Named after the Japanese word for hot water bottle (yutanpo), this very modern and convenient version will heat up your necks, legs or toes, and can be used time and time again.

Microwavable Yutapon Heater

No batteries or power supply is needed for this products, which are very popular with Japanese working women. The covers are washable and inside of each Yutapon there is a special gel pack that retains and releases heat slowly. The feet cushion alone still works after seven hours!

Microwavable Yutapon Heater

The Microwavable Yutapon Heater features:

  • Set of four: Neck/Shoulders, Feet Cushion, Knee Rug, Slippers
  • Each Yutapon has gel pack in double-layered bag. Do not break the outer bag.
  • Outer covers are washable
  • Slipper size: 22-25cm (U.S. size 5-9)
  • Heat in microwave: up to 3 minutes (500W), 1 minute 50 seconds (1000W)
  • Heat both side of feet cushion
  • Heat cautiously. Do not overheat and always test before placing Yutapon on your skin

Microwavable Yutapon Heater
Shipping weight: 5.7Kg / 12.54lbs
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