Media Coverage

Yet another media outlet couldn't get enough of our unique Face Slimmer. This time it was French online magazine un accessoire permettant de retendre les traits du visage. Et… Read More »
The Week published a big slideshow of gift ideas "for those who have everything" and included our fantastic Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack. They also highlighted our now classic Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling… Read More »
Australian edition of Gizmodo wrote a fantastic gift guide "Presents For The Uber-Geek" and highlighted our store: "Sometimes, a traditional Western gift just won’t do if your giftee loves something… Read More »
CNN did a big feature for parents about holiday gift ideas for the toughest folks on your list! They included our Cat Ear Nekomimi Headphones as a great present for… Read More »
OK! Magazine
The German edition of OK! magazine did a big spread on Christmas gift ideas for its November 26th issue, and they featured our RC Sugoi Mop. Read More »
Gizmodo, one of the biggest blogs in the world, loved our Notchless Tape Dispenser. "There's probably very few of us who've put much thought into what kind of tape we… Read More »
Wired gave a nice write-up to the Danbocchi Personal Soundproof Cardboard Studio. "It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re in the Danbocchi’s sweet embrace." Well, we'll leave that… Read More »
Major Italian online magazine and news website Giornalettismo enjoyed writing up our Hana Twin Nose Straightener! Read More »
Reader's Digest
The December issue of the Reader's Digest recommended our beauty product, the Beauty Lift High Nose, as a Christmas gift idea! Read More »
MSN Digital (Germany)
The German-language edition of MSN Digital featured our unusual beauty product, the Houreisen Face Exercise Mask. Read More »
Both the American and Japanese editions of the blog Gizmodo loved our cool designer kitchen product, the Number Measuring Spoon Set. Read More »
Hungarian website HVG featured our Gakken Worldeye. Read More »
The Australian edition of the blog Gizmodo wrote up the Gakken Worldeye, a superb globe projector. "A Japanese company called Gakken has taken its Worldeye globe to another level by… Read More »
Brain Magazine
French culture and lifestyle website Brain Magazine liked our very original "post-apocalypse" phone accessory, the Survial Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone Case. Read More »
Slovakian website Diva also featured the popular Hourei Lift Bra. Read More »