Marugo Knit Tabi Boots

Traditional Japanese split-toe ankle boots

Fans of martial arts will immediately recognize the Marugo Knit Tabi Boots as the boots worn by ninja, both when fighting i the movies but also those practicing the martial art called ninjutsu. The truth is that this combination of the tabi split-toe socks usually worn with kimono and zori sandals, a tougher fabric, and a rubber sole is quite common in Japan, especially among construction workers and participants in the traditional matsuri festivals. The Marugo Knit Tabi Boots are a more fashionable version of this type of footwear (called jikatabi in Japanese) that are very stylish and practical!

The Marugo Knit Tabi Boots come in three colors: the all-time classics black and white, plus a beige that is discreet enough to match more outdoorsy wardrobes. They are available in the six most common sizes and are made of polyester with an EVA and rubber sole. They are light (just 228 g/8 oz) and very easy to put on and take off – think long socks. If you're looking for an everyday shoe that is comfortable, has a unique design, and shows your passion for Japan (or ninja), this is it!

Specs and Features:

  • Slit-toe design
  • Colors: black, white, beige
  • Sizes: 23 cm (US women's 6, EU 37), 24 cm (US men's 6, EU 39), 25 cm (US men's 7, EU 40.5), 26 cm (US men's 8, EU 41.5), 27 cm (US men's 9, EU 42.5), 28 cm (US men's 10, EU 43.5)
  • Weight (26 cm size): 228 g (8 oz)
  • Shoe material: polyester
  • Sole material: EVA, rubber
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