Mamoris Earthquake Helmet Chair

Safety head protection seat

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Created by hippie industrial designer Kota Nezu of Znug Design, this is furniture-turned-safety gear. The name for Mamoris comes from the Japanese words for "protect" (mamoru) and "chair" (isu), and the resulting portmanteau should give you a pretty clear idea of the function of this product, and its brilliant originality. Mamoris is Japanese design at its best: simple but useful.

Mamoris Earthquake Helmet Chair

An attractive helmet has been integrated into the back and bottom of a regular chair. A 90-degree dial twist on the seat allows you to detach the back of the chair quickly so you can don the helmet if disaster should strike. Stylish and genuinely sturdy, the Mamoris offers you head and neck protection, plus back support for your seat too.

Mamoris Earthquake Helmet Chair

The Mamoris Earthquake Helmet Chair features:

  • Color: white
  • Images show 2013 prototype version. Final product may differ slightly in design
  • Materials: ABS

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