Magic Cold Plate

Mini cooking counter

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This great cooking utensil will make it super easy for you to whip up original ice cream dishes without any of the melting fiascoes we've all experienced. The Magic Cold Plate isn't really magic, of course, but its smart design means that the stainless steel, nonslip mini counter will stay cold while you create culinary masterpieces.

Magic Cold Plate

All you do is freeze two refrigerants using the holders in the set. Then place them under the Cold Plate and add the frame. After you've finished preparing your desert you can pop on the lid to keep it cold or serve it straightaway using the scoops provided. This is ideal for families with active kitchens and for getting kids involved in cooking.

Magic Cold Plate

The Magic Cold Plate features:

  • Freeze refrigerants for 10 hours before use
  • Plate designed to keep ice cream cold at 5°C (41°F) for around 1 hour (varies with level of room temperature)
  • Plate frame: ABS
  • Cold plate: stainless steel
  • Contains: refrigerant holders, scoop spoons (x2), frame, lid, plate
  • Weight: 976g (total)
  • Made in Japan

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