LuminoDisc - LED Top from Bandai

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The Luminodisc is the spinning top of the future. Simple enough for kids but sophisticated enough for adults, this high-quality top lets you play three different addictive games. The handle folds into the disc for easy carrying, and bright LED lights display your score as it spins. That's not all, though- the Luminodisc has an internal compass, and can also use its LEDs to display North, East, South, and West.

LuminoDisc - LED Top from Bandai


  • Just 100: Catch the top exactly on its 100th rotation. Much harder than you'd think.
  • 10-second Trial: Try to spin the top over 150 times in under ten seconds. Beat it, and see a cool animation.
  • Ultimate Spin Challenge: See how many rotations you can get out of a single spin (up to 300, 400, or even 500 are possible)

The Luminodisc features:

  • Spinning top with bright LED display
  • Internal gyrometer for measuring top's rotation
  • Three fun games to test your hand-eye coordination
  • Top diameter: 8cm
  • Colors: Black, white, silver
  • Package Size: 18x9.8x2.5cm
  • Power: Two CR2032 watch batteries, included
  • Manual: Japanese

LuminoDisc - LED Top from Bandai
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