Lotte Taishibo Weight Loss Gum (Pack of 20)

Black ginger, body fat-reducing chewing gum

A chewing gum that can help you lose weight? Yes, it sounds incredible, but if you look beyond the Lotte Taishibo Weight Loss Gum's delicious spearmint flavor and at its list of ingredients, you find oolong tea and black ginger extract - and this is where the magic happens: if your body mass index is anywhere over 25, you are into obesity territory and this is exactly where black ginger, a folk medicine with a history in East Asia that goes back over 1,000 years, can help. By increasing fitness performance and improving energy metabolism, it can certainly help bring down that BMI!

You don't even need to like ginger, because the gum doesn't taste like it! You just chew two pellets at a time for five minutes (each pack contains 14 pellets and here we are talking 20 packs, so you're covered for three weeks) - and that's it: you can continue with your everyday activities and eat your regular meals. All the way, the black ginger will be working in the background and the results will be noticeable to everyone!

Specs and Features:

  • For people with high BMI
  • Flavor: spearmint
  • Contains 20 packs of 14 pellets each
  • Estimated daily dose: 14 pellets
  • Intake method: 2 pellets at a time for 5 minutes
  • Ingredients: maltitol, black ginger extract, oolong tea extract, xylitol, colorant (safflower, cocoa, gardenia, caramel), gelatin
  • Energy (14 pellets): 39 kcal
  • Protein (14 pellets): 0.2 g (0.007 oz)
  • Lipid (14 pellets): 0 g
  • Carbohydrate (14 pellets): 17 g (0.6 oz)
  • Sugar (14 pellets): 0 g
  • Salt equivalent (14 pellets): 0.003 g
  • Functional ingredient: black ginger-derived polymethoxyflavone (12 mg)
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