Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8

Hips, waist body toning exercise

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The Labonetz Pelvic Rolling Tollne 8 is a convenient way to tone your hips and waist, and improve your pelvis posture. You can use it sitting down or standing up. Just strap it onto your upper legs and then move your legs up and down.

Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8

The "8" refers to the rotation shape the device makes as it "rolls" between your legs, helping you exercise your pelvis and waist. The makers have used motion-capture technology to analyze the muscle benefits of the Tollne 8 and say it is better than walking. Labonetz recommend you use it for five minutes a day.

The Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8 features:

  • Can be used sitting, standing or lying down
  • Ideal for toning hips, waist, pelvic posture
  • Rotation motion adjustable to three settings
  • Recommended 5 minutes per day
  • Instructions: Japanese

Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8
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