Kuchofuku Thermal Gear Vest

Heated sleeveless garment

It's one of the main problems office workers in Japan face every winter: how to stay warm wearing just a suit and shirt, the mandatory nonmandatory uniform of the salaryman company employee. Still, you don't need to be a corporate suit to appreciate something that can get you warm in just 10 seconds and keep you warm for up to 24 hours! Whichever your reason for being exposed to cold weather and not being able to simply wear more layers of clothing, the Kuchofuku Thermal Gear Vest makes you forget the meaning of the word "cold"!

Available in five sizes with lengths varying from 56 cm (22") to 62 cm (24.4") and chest circumferences from 98 cm (38.6") to 118 cm (46.5"), the Kuchofuku Thermal Gear Vest connects to a battery with four different outputs ranging from 3.3 to 7.2 volts. This means that it can indeed keep you warm for up to 24 hours! And with three temperature levels at 40°C (104°F), 50°C (122°F), and 60°C (140°F), you can adjust it to your specific needs and the other clothes you are wearing. And it comes in three colors (gray, black, and navy), so won't cramp your style – even if you're a Tokyo salaryman!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: gray, black, navy
  • Sizes: S, M, L, LL, 3L
  • Temperature levels: 3 (40°C/104°F, 50°C/122°F, 60°C/140°F)
  • Warming time: approx. 10 secs.
  • Battery pocket
  • Snap-fastener closure
  • S size (length x chest): 56 x 98 cm (22 x 38.6")
  • M size (length x chest): 58 x 102cm (23 x 40.1")
  • L size (length x chest): 60 x 106 cm (23.6 x 41.7")
  • LL size (length x chest): 62 x 110 cm (24.4 x 43.3")
  • 3L size (length x chest): 62 x 118 cm ( 24.4 x 46.5")
  • Materials: nylon 100%, polyester 100% (padding)
  • Battery operating voltage: 3.3 V, 5 V, 6 V, 7.2 V
  • Battery weight: 239 g (8.4 oz)
  • Operating time: 3.3 V (24 hours), 5 V (12 hours), 6 V (8 hours), 5.5 V (8 hours)
  • Battery charging time: approx. 6 hours
  • Comes with battery pouch, adapter
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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