Kome Koji Body Skincare Gift Set

Aspergillus oryzae fungus skin treatment products

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Sake, soy, miso paste. What do they have in common besides being three of the pillars of the traditional Japanese diet? They are all made using the fungus Aspergillus oryzae (or, in Japanese, koji). But the benefits of this extraordinary fungus aren't limited to the world of taste: the Japanese have been using it for cosmetics for years because of its effects on the skin. If you have already tried it, you too know how great this can be. If you haven't, then the Kome Koji Body Skincare Gift Set is the perfect starter kit!

The reason? It contains four different types of koji-based products: bathing powder (three 30 g/1 oz bags), one 75 g (2.5 oz) bar of soap, one 40 g (1.4 oz) tube of hand cream, and one 300 ml (10 fl oz) pump bottle of body cream. Want more? You can choose between two types of fragrance (citrus or floral): the former has a yuzu theme, while the latter is cherry blossom. Treat your skin to a level of care you never thought possible and your nose to a beautiful scent that will reinvigorate you!

Specs and Features:

  • Options: citrus, floral
  • Includes: bathing powder 3 x 30 g (1 oz), soap bar 1 x 75 g (2.5 oz), hand cream 1 x 40 g (1.4 oz), body cream 1 x 300 ml (10 fl oz)
  • Citrus set hand cream fragrance: yuzu
  • Citrus set body cream fragrance: citrus
  • Citrus set soap fragrance: yuzu
  • Floral set hand cream fragrance: cherry blossom
  • Floral set body cream fragrance: floral
  • Floral set soap fragrance: cherry blossom
  • Contains: rice malt extract (koji), yuzu extract, cherry blossom extract, water, glycerin, rice bran oil, jojoba seed oil, tonka bean seed oil, damask rose oil, etc.
  • Can be used on face and body
  • No additives
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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