Kit Kat Mini Sakura Japanese Sake (Pack of 12)

Spring cherry blossom flavor

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A perfect taste for the spring and the arrival of the cherry blossom, the Kit Kat Mini Sakura Japanese Sake is another original Kit Kat snack created by Nestle Japan for the local market. Inside, you get twelve Kit Kat Mini biscuit snacks that fuse a crunchy white chocolate biscuit with Japanese sake and fragrant cream evoking the stunning spectacle of the cherry blossom leaves. Blending an aromatic sakura sweetness with the sharper tastes of alcoholic sake, this is a culturally rich snack for grown-ups.

Kit Kat Mini Sakura Japanese Sake (Pack of 12)

The Kit Kat Mini Sakura Japanese Sake (Pack of 12) features:

  • Pack of 12 Kit Kat Mini snacks
  • Limited edition
  • White chocolate biscuit in a cherry blossom and sake flavor
  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Alcohol: 0.07%
  • 63 kcal per snack
  • Contains wheat, milk, soybean, alcohol powder, cherry blossom leaf extract powder

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