Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic Set (5 pack)

Chocolate assortment in exotic flavors

US$ 38

Chocolatiers will do anything to get our attention and giants like Nestle are no exception. If you think otherwise, take a look at the Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic Set and you will understand. Based on the idea that volcanoes cause changes in the soil that result in unique flavors in the plants that grow around them, the Japanese arm of the company searched in the Pacific for volcanic countries that produce chocolate, and selected three for this original collection.

The Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic is a set of five individually wrapped chocolate biscuits in five different flavors. You get Kit Kat's Supreme Milk and Supreme Ruby chocolate, but the real treat are the three Sublime Volcanic biscuits crafted with cocoa beans from Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. Coming in a limited-edition gift box and with wrapping to match their origins, these are nothing like your usual Kit Kat snacks from the supermarket! Get this set to reward yourself or as a present for any fan of exotic chocolate, and see what a difference the Ring of Fire makes!

Specs and Features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Contains 5 individually wrapped chocolate biscuits in 5 flavors (1 each)
  • Flavors: Sublime Volcanic Vanuatu, Sublime Volcanic Papua New Guinea, Sublime Volcanic Philippines, Supreme Milk, Supreme Ruby
  • Limited-edition box
US$ 38

US$ 38